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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Afreen New Eid Dresses Collection 2013 By Lala Textile

Afreen collection. by lalaLala TextilesLala Textiles Brocade Latest Summer Dresses For Women 2013. Read more ... » is one of the Pakistan’s top listed fashion textile firm in our country.Lala Textiles is a fashion house, who has been working in the field of fashion since year 1947.Afreen collection. by lala 6Lala Textiles has launched so many collection and every collection has full of with cuts and high ends.Recently, Afreen eid collection 2013 by Lala Textiles has launched.Afreen Collection has launched for upcoming event of Eid-Ul-Fitr 2013.In this collection,Afreen collection. by lala 2 total stylish dresses were added with full of high quality fabrics as well as high quality embellishments.Lala
Textiles has used bright shades for this collection such as red, orange, blue, ferozi and so many more Some pictures of this collection will be asAfreen collection. by lala 1Afreen collection. by lala 4Afreen collection. by lala 4d


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  2. i'm aima baig and i'm huge fan of Lala cloths .


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