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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kalyan Limited Edition Eid Collection 2013 by ZS Textiles

 Z.S Textiles proudly present Kalyan Limited Edition Eid Collection 2013. Z.S Textiles still remains the one of its kind to offer fashion products with stature and quality. The concepts at Z.S Textile are differentiated, not just by the elegance of exclusive fabric but also by their distinctive designs which are resourced from its collection  all over the nation! Presenting Kalyan Limited Edition Eid Collection for 2013, collection offers a sense of vintage with contemporary fashion, the creations of the brand gives each of its customer a sense of pride with individuality. The collection shoot is endorsed by model Sana Khan. Check out the complete Kalyan Eid collection for the year 2013 by Z.S Textile below.
Kalyan Limited Edition Eid Collection 2013 by ZS Textiles

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