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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nadia Hussain Premium Lawn Collection 2013 by Shariq Textiles

Nadia Hussain Premium Lawn Collection 2013
Nadia Hussain‘s premium lawn collection for 2013 is traditional yet contemporary as the the colors, design and embroidery highlight the true essence of cultural feel for her pieces. A highly regarded name in the field of fashion, Nadia Hussain brings her Premium Lawn Collection for 2013 under the banner of Shariq Textiles.  With the quality fabric provided by the textile, Nadia focuses on exquisite print patterns and embroidery for this year’s collection. A prefect blend of exotic and traditional designs set with finest cuts and printed on premium quality fabric. A sensation of beauty and class for every woman who wears it. Check out the complete Nadia Hussain’s Premium Lawn collection for the year 2013 below.                                                                     Nadia Hussain Premium Lawn Collection 2013 by Shariq Textiles

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