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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Post 1,, Asim Jofa Charmeuse Silk Collection 2013 with Iman Ali

 Designer Guru, Asim Jofa launches his most awaited Charmeuse Silk Collection for the year 2013. A formal collection for the upcoming season of eid, Charmeuse Silk collection is all about royalty and jaw-dropping design aesthetics. Collection includes raw silk, chiffon, charmeuse silk and embroidered motifs available on front as well as back.  Many pieces also include printed or dyed majestic prints that take you to an era of mystical splendor. The maestro Jofa brings his core design philosophy and that is to give the modern woman a sophisticated look she deserves. The price range of this collection starts from 11,450 PKR unstitched. And as ever sizzling  Iman Ali is the brand ambassador of Asim Jofa’s latest creation. Check out the complete Charmeuse Silk Collection by Asim Jofa for the year 2013 below.

Asim Jofa Charmeuse Silk Collection 2013 with Iman Ali


  1. Dresses should be in good and proper packing along with a picture of that dress stitched.

    Asim Jofa

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    Gul Ahmed

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